Top Urban Outfits To Rock This Summer In New York.

It’s quite the stress concluding on an outfit to rock during the summer holidays. What’s more is looking for something positive. Of course, with a touch of high-end quality and value for your money.

But not everyone can afford the popular, mainstream brands. These brands give off positive and classy vibes from the get-go. When you see one of them, it’s automatically attached to something good and progressive.

Well, for those unable to go on such high expenses without breaking their savings and ruining their financial blueprint, other more significant brands are explicitly tailored to meet the needs of those within this spectrum. Other times we have clothes we want to own or wear and are afraid of the negative feelings associated with them because they are streetwear.

The good news is there are top streetwear brands you could fill up your wardrobes with because of the positive vibes they give instead of the usual negative connotations associated with them.



The tees are simple, with elaborate designs that evoke positive energy. Unlike most wears that have a negative feel to it. Purpoz tees do the opposite, being about to dress the way you like and not get judged for it but get admired for it is beautiful.

Purpoz tees have a moisture-ticking property that takes moisture away from your skin during physical activity. In addition, it is also made of cotton and polyester materials.


If you want to be comfortable, slay out during the summer, and feel good about yourself, the Purpoz tees are your best bet!




Fashion is best when it brings people together


No one wears tees without complementary shorts to match them during summer. And it's easy to figure out that many people have difficulty choosing what to compare.


However, the Purpoz shorts can be worn as a complementary to the tees, which makes sense since both are fashionable and would give anyone rocking them a beautiful appearance.


The shorts are athletic fitting, made with a hundred per cent polyester, and breathable. So, when getting a tee to rock for summer, you don’t need to overthink what complementary wear to have. The shorts give you that with a touch of high-taste fashion.





Tees and shorts are not complete when no jewellery accompanies them. Purpoz chain is the best penchant you can have as a combo for your tees and shorts.

They are perfect for your summer clothing; they bring positive feelings and make you look super dapper, depending on what design is best rocked. The Purpoz chain is the best penchant for good vibes.




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